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Take your metalworkers to advanced technology, thanks to the machine 
"Galt Forming"
     Additional Solutions

It is sometimes impossible to straighten by a Galeteuse, that is why we propose alternative solutions to guarantee a straightening or conforming in all situations.

The Galeteuse

Our machines are developed in our engineering department to best meet your needs. We offer 3 ranges of Galeteuses with many possible options.

 – GF1 (0,2 to 3 tons) – GF2 (3 to 6 tons)

 – GF3 (6 to 20 tons)

  • We install on your site

  • We train during 1 day your metalworkers in the use of our machines

  • We do a support during the tuning of your workpiece.

  • We do the project study and definition of your requirements

   Halgand Group

West Forming Solutions is part of the Halgand group's 4H Holding, and offers its services as a specialist in straightening and conforming.


Machines experienced at AIRBUS since 1999

Machines without any breakdown since 1999

Machines 100% French

Use on a "Sponson"

Use on a "Sponson"

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Welcome to West Forming Solutions,
Specialist in Straightening and Conforming.

Former way of straightening, with the mallet.

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GF3, the largest range of Galeteuse

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After straightening by a Galt Forming

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Former way of straightening, with the mallet.

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